Theory Of First Impression, Or Crash-test Translation Kiev

By | May 15, 2014

Thus, the crash test on the theory of first impressions has moved to Kiev. Again, I note in the test were only known, publicized the company. When the list of tricky questions was ready, I proceeded to phone negotiations. Just want to note the speed "pick up the phone" – only one company, "distinguished" astonishing slowness. In all other cases, I get to the desired subscriber in the first set facilities. Also called the attention of potential customers that the operation in most offices is similar: from 9 to 18 without interruption, some with 10 to 17, but also with two days off – Saturday and Sunday.

Of the total list, scroll to the company bp "Friendship of Peoples", which on Friday outsourcers do not accept. But everything in detail. At this time I decided to highlight five key tasks and using the method of "accidents", distributed tasks for companies, so that at least two companies have tried to solve this problem. Evaluation criteria have remained the same: the rate of reaction, politeness, communication, information (quality and completeness of the consultation), the price of services and the latest criteria – clarity. The first task was as follows – a transfer of 15 documents for the in Ukraine. And then the problem was voiced in two Translation: "April" and "Mova service." Despite the politeness responses, for which the firm "April" received "five" in general adviser with the task failed. On the basic question, what language is still needed to translate, I have not heard a response.

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