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not buy from you. (Not to be confused with Andrew Duncan Producer!). Of every 10 calls you receive, 8 of them will buy the same product or service in the next 12 months in another company, say this statistics. Very few employers or entrepreneurs realize that a sales process has many levels of opportunity, i.e., a person who calls you or contact you, not necessarily buy in that time, because there are different levels according to the intensity of needs or wishes of the prospectus, in conclusion aren’t ready to buy. I will list some of the reasons because these people would not buy at this time. You don’t have the budget or the money. They are very busy. They are on maternity leave, or vacation or simply a transition from circumstances. And other more…

So if an entrepreneur doesn’t understand this reality in the world of business, vera spend hundreds of opportunities in front of your nose. Why it is necessary to make a rating of your prospects or contacts at the time of that phone call. What is the process that I use? Someone contact me because you have a business and need to come into the Internet with a web site dynamic. My first question is, what is the specific purpose of developing a business model on the Internet? Hence I’m calling it also ask you how you hear from us, to measure my marketing plan do you about 5 questions to achieve minimum qualification of what you want and the level of opportunity which is to close the sale. Now I want that you pay greater attention to the 2 questions more important that contact is done in my company.

The telephone number direct. Your email address. Is it because? The telephone number will be the way as you will do follow-up telephone and email is the means by which you show him that he can trust you.