The Window

There were cases when the tool is located downstairs, poured neighbors. Typically, the owners of such piano promptly contacted me and I'm postponing previously scheduled visit, went to "save" their piano. Unable to save just one tool. There was the following situation, an aquarium (5litrov) mounted on the piano, gave a small leak. The hosts at the time did not notice, but when applied to me, it was too late, verbilbank gave a few cracks and restoration of such a tool, alas, without the expensive cost of replacing the basic units piano became impossible.

My next decision was to rigorous clarification of the circumstances and facts flooded and their negative consequences for the instrument. Thus, according to the hostess, I learned that the tragedy occurred on the night of 13 to 14 April. In beginning of the third hour of the night to knock on the window and MOE officials insisted that all immediately left the house, taking the documents. It should be noted that the 13 day master went ashore to look at the rise Chagan and that neither were no signs of the tragedy. April 14, the entire house and surrounding area for many miles were flooded.

The remaining notch higher than the windows. The owner arranged for the next day expedition on a boat. House, property and "Petrof" disappeared under the water. Michael Antonov recognizes the significance of this. April 15 still managed to get into the house, the piano stood in the water, although the water level was still slightly below the keyboard.