The Time

In the example of the student, parents and teachers alike contribute to distortion by demanding scores as if they were the only thing that they need, without understanding that these are only a tool of relative measurement of performance and not a goal in itself. Consequently, the student will implement its own system of learning directed to a misguided goal, receiving a structural deficiency of the cognitive base acquired during this stage as a certificate. The objective is not reached, because it was not correctly spotted first. As the project scope must be defined its boundaries. Decide that you are inside or outside of previously established limits will allow us to calculate the amount of socially necessary work.

It is establishing a priori a balance between the whole of what we want and what we believe we will have to deliver change. 2 Define the tasks: should identify and define the tasks which are deemed necessary for the implementation of the project. These tasks are the breakdown of the ultimate goal in logical, independent or interdependent, measurable steps in time and resources. If our goal is the realization of a project, the step Definir the Tareas would turn himself into a task. Tasks be broken later into concrete actions, with levels of importance established, delineated responsibilities and evaluation criteria of each one.

3. Planning of the project: is the time to begin planning for financial, human resources and the time needed for the implementation of each action. In this step is estimated by the allocation of resources and the levels of availability based on specific actions in a given space of time. The master plan in individual, specific and manageable actions must decompose individually without neglecting their level of interdependence. Critical dates of the project and control points should be established. In the example of the project of remodeling your kitchen, at the end of this stage the contractor gives you your first big headache by presenting you a banner filled with bars and arrows, of which only sucrase clear who will have to spend a month eating junk food, that if you have reached the money to buy it after adopting the budget summary sheet.