The Subject

By | November 29, 2012

In the present project, for example: we elaborate all the lessons aiming at the form education to interdisciplinar, you discipline contextualizando them, working of scientific form the subjects. The subject can be given as example ' ' Our star, the Sol' '. In this lesson, was approached: the importance in agriculture, navigation, localization, source of radiation, survival, the layers of the Sun and other subjects. We not only try to work of theoretical, but practical form, searching to visualize the layers of the Sun (fotosfera, cromosfera, nucleus). As product of the activities, it was proposal the elaboration of a text and exposition in the mural of the school. FINAL CONSIRERAES Throughout this study, over all verified that much has been said on the education of Sciences, forms so that the professor works the content in classroom, demonstrations with experiments and visits the institutions that are divulgadores of Science. The focus of this work was to argue the education of Astronomy, over all by means of the methodology of projects. Therefore, when approaching it, we need inquiring in them on the meaning of Science, the reason to teach it, its demand in the present time.

Something is certain: who is unaware of the world encircles that it is unaware of simple elements day to day. The necessity generates questionings, making the man to acquire the knowledge of its time. However, it does not have neutrality and, of this reason, Science does not consist of an absolute, ready and finished truth. Science with instruments, experiments and scientific theories is not only taught, in practical and utilitarian way, but these must be complemented, based on logical arguments. Although the demand for tools logical to deal with facts day to day is a factor that motivates the acquisition of knowing contemporary, many still leave the school with broken up knowledge, insufficient. Many do not know why the Moon appears during the day, if the Sun is a star, what one is astro luminous or illuminated, why the sky is blue, that is, simple knowledge that in them take the new investigations.

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