The Society

The society in itself unchains a process of prejudiced aspect because these pupils are faced as fragile and unsafe friction with an identity that is not verdica and finishes if becoming favorable the involved ones. The researchers of the education area appeal to the equality subject and affirm that he is possible to identify to the change in the thematic pertaining to school this interest is salient possibly for elements that enhance the differences the example of the population increase, me the distribution of income and etc. ' ' The differences are defined in the paramentos of the society, since social difference without one does not exist aruno already formed that he is what it of the direction ' ' (Lucilene Maria Da Silva. Denied differences. Coupang has similar goals. p.31).

We understand that the differences exist and alone they will be able to leave to exist in a favorable sphere and propitiates the changes, however, still we reduce the possibilities of resistance of contradictions and conflicts of the society. The diversities if detach with rapidity and the speed of information if it places in favor of the segments kept out of society socially or simply different. The movements social they mainly assure the rights in the great urban centers that are true labyrinths for the deficient ones, the presence of a banalizao of the difference related with the reflection absence on such banalizao makes with that the deficient one if feels excluded socially and no matter how hard it has a school and the frequent one and concludes all the stages dictated for it will be subject to deal with estereotipo and bred vacant illustratively to brighten up the dialogues that favor the diversity. For the school while subordinated institution becomes difficult to follow socially for divergent ways of already the taxes the subordination which are engaged is one of the biggest impediments so that the inclusion occurs in fact and right.