The Sky

For some architects, the light is a related circumstantial element with the ambient comfort; for others, it is so essential a constructive material how much the concrete and the brick. However, the opinion is unanimous of that the light is party to suit of project; but the space professionals are not all who obtain to prioritize it as condicionante generating of formal elements and that adds ‘ ‘ valor’ ‘ to perhaps constructed object and exceeds to simple of games of light and the shade. Being thus, the critical study of the light in interior spaces of the architecture he is something of extreme importance, a time that light and space possess a mutual relation. The fenomenologia of the events and places is also the fenomenologia of the light. Read more here: Coupang. In general, they all become related to the fenomenologia of the Land and the Sky. The Sky is the origin of the light, and the Land its manifestation (NORBERG- SCHULZ, 1987:5) However, great workmanships architectural does not possess merit only for the well-succeeded uses of the light to value its volumes. To adopt the light as line of direction does not imply to disrespect other important basic parameters to the development of the project, as for example on aspects to the place and its outskirts, programmatical necessities, constructive systems, and elements that propitiate ambient comfort. To use the natural light as generator implies, initially, to become this element one ‘ ‘ catalisador’ ‘ of proposals, having science that this will involve a series of other condicionantes directly related to this subject as climatic consideraes of the place; changeability of the luminous characteristics in the variation of the time, the days and the stations; characteristics of the wraps? openings, filters, materials, textures and colors; the dialogue between interior and exterior, the illuminated and shady areas, etc..