The Sad Dog – How Can You Help Him? Depression In Dogs

You can help a dog suffering from depression and the recipe is very easy low self-esteem, bad mood, sadness, and sometimes fear or slowed movement and no appetite can testify to depression, from which not only people, but also dogs can suffer. The causes include diseases, injuries, and even difficult life experiences, through which the dog is restrained and loses the lust for life. Many dogs who live in shelters suffer from depression. You can see the depression on the sad eyes and the powerless hanging cock. Such dogs are shy and show a tendency to different fears, phobias or panic.

You can be too aggressive because of fear. Low self-esteem to the dog leads to unstable reactions that depend on his current mental state, therefore we can not guess how he will behave. The world in his eyes is full of horrible places and objects, which represent a danger for him. He sees the solution in the Escape. You can help a dog suffering from depression and the recipe is very easy: only love and security will suffice. Every sad living thing needs someone of himself to it cares and shows how one can overcome problems. The depressed dogs will accept new rules.

We must be gentle, calm, understanding and also patient and consistent. It is very important that we equal praise the dog for any positive behavior, give him a treat, but also with unwanted things correct. Our responses must be proportionate to the situation, always and should never depend on our mood. The animal must understand us correctly and inconsistency in our behavior will interfere with only our relationship to the dog. Dogs suffering from depression need our help and are not able this problem alone to get rid of. We must know that we sometimes have to wait on the success. Depending on the specific case, the effects of our work can come after a week, as well as after a few months. Time heals all Wounds. The dog will give us a signal, if he is willing to trust us.