The Project

d) New methods of production and evaluation of the quality with the aid of new technologies. e) Abrangncia each bigger time of the concept of the quality. (PALADINI, 1995, P. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ripple and gain more knowledge.. 40) It is as soon as happened with the quality throughout the times, in a slow process, and evolutivo of adjustment of the products and services to the customers for which they are directed. For BALLESTERO-ALVAREZ (2001) the evolution of the quality concept if gave due the incited commercial competition, of the search of competitive advantages and scientific acceleration.

The companies to be remained in the market, had transformed and extended the quality vision. After analysis of the past, according to BALLESTERO-ALVAREZ (2001), perceives that five great concerns that had guided the form as the companies, for ways of its action had existed, focavam quality, searching to adapt it these new markets: 1.Foco in the standard (1950): the quality looked for to make that the finished product folloied the standard daily pay determined for the project. It appears here, the control of the product, the standardizations and the methods to produce so that they take care of the necessities of the producer. 2.Foco in the use (1960): the quality looked for to supply the necessities that the consumer intends for the offered product, satisfying it. The methods appear of research, opinion, discovering the desires of the consumer, remaining the control of the product. 3.Foco in the cost (1970): the quality searched to enter into an alliance it the attendance of the consuming market, adequacy of the product, with the reduced costs being, becoming them more competitive. It appears the industrial espionage and one transfers to not only control it the process and the end item. 4.Foco in the desire (1980): the quality looked for to anticipate it the necessities of the consuming market. The center of attention of the organizations now is focado in the consumer, waiting in such a way, to know its desires before competitors, generating competition.