The Process Of Surviving

Recovery: The recovery process can be viewed as a process of transition from rejection experienced a traumatic experience, to the definition of themselves as victims and, ultimately, to identify themselves as survivor. Firstly, there is recognition that he was the victim. This is primarily due to the failure of attempts to get rid of feelings of helplessness and vulnerability, coupled with his experience of the victim. This – together cognitive and emotional experience. Secondly, there is room experience of the victim in a historical context, based on the study and understanding of what led to this traumatic experience. Thirdly, there is learning what how to separate the past from the present. This implies a recognition that the events of the past affect your current reaction, and this includes finding ways to minimize the impact of these feelings and behaviors when they are do not exert their influence on his life. And, fourthly, there is a process of awareness of responsibility for their lives through the creation itself, which will support and impose restrictions as a responsible adult looking after their child.

Recognition of the experiences of victims ability to speak with some conviction that I am a victim of sexual abuse. If this does not happen after the study and understanding lived experience of the victim and its effects, it is possible that the man was not caused significant damage, enough so that he began to consider himself a victim. That is, the experiences are not perceived as a traumatic experience.