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With the still unprotected computer online to the machine even while this downloads of malware will infect go to a virus scanner to load from the Internet is no longer possible. All offered products perfectly mastered the most important function of a virus scanner: detect known viruses. All known viruses contained in the so-called virus definition file and are therefore reliably detected. Since all manufacturers now have integrated an automatic update of this file in their product, needs the user here not to do, than to install a virus scanner and to enable this automatic update. Differences between the offered products show up at the detection of yet unknown viruses.

This is done with a heuristic virus scan, in which programmes affiliated shall be examined, whether they perform suspicious actions such as deleting files. The hit ratio as well as the number of triggered false positives are very different. Continuously developed since all offered virus scanner will that leave should the user before making a buying decision to consult current test results, found in the Internet in large numbers. Expert opinions about heuristic scans vary considerably, often is considered, this feature should be disabled at best. The central argument of critics that a heuristic scan provides no truly reliable information is true in any case. A file reported as suspicious must not actually be a virus. Conversely, a not complained file can contain a virus yet. A virus scanner checks every file in the moment when it is read from the hard disk.

This realtime necessarily requires a certain slowdown of the computer, which however must be reckoned with. To read more click here: Andrew Duncan June Pictures. Some consider the paid full version virus scanner E.g. E-Mails already before they are written to disk. The offered free for home users typically do not include this feature. Conclusion: A virus scanner is not only urgently recommend but really essential. Given daily emerging viruses, a constant updating is required.