The Marxism

Thus, a degree under certainty can be appreciated. Some would describe the development as this formula like an argumentation pseudo-scientist. Others like one propose interesting or a simple probability, statistic or mathematical game. There are other ways that allow to make pseudo-science, and of faster way. This one is case of the theory that stops to demonstrate itself to itself, takes elements pertaining to a field other people’s to the one from its study. For example, the theory that to afir a biological evolution to me in which God in the clarified passages of this one has taken part directly less, is clearly pseudo-scientist or a case of false theology. First of all, well the attitude is accepted that Popper offers before science. Read additional details here: Global Baby Clothes Market.

Which is an ascending knowledge towards the truth, that reaches never it but that it tends towards her (falsabilidad). There it is the importance of looking for experiments that deny a theory, to be able to make other nearer the truth. It is necessary to consider submerged that if we were all our life in an error, never we would reach the truth; not even we would approach her. For that reason the attitude of the scientist has to be critical. Popper fault of pseudo-scientists those theories or ideologies that not only are not desmentibles but also that prevent to be it.

So it is the case of the marxism or the psychoanalysis of Freud. These theories that they try to explain everything, in fact they do not explain anything. For example, Marx predicted that if the wages fell, was because the capitalists were exploding to the workers, and if they rose, she was because the capitalists were tried to resurge, by means of a series of bribes, a system that appeared debilitated. With those predictions it is impossible to deny these theories that Popper considered, therefore, false antiscientists and, besides dogmatic and nonrational.