The Main

No! Get out of that voice! If you listen to it, it becomes clear how empty and worthless is my life. Just do not listen. The main thing to get to bed and fall asleep superficial and restless sleep permeated with a sense that all over again tomorrow again. And so runs per day. And day after day our life flows. We are in a turn of events varimsya, afraid to show courage, that would be something change. We eat other people's ideas and pass them on to other people, infect their children. We are told what to think, shape public opinion.

And we are not even masters in their head. Someone might say that all thought is already long invented, written … But we have even lost the ability to choose from that it is. We are not looking for their own gems, putting them in the pattern of his life. We go where we lead others. After all, if you choose to start, you have to faced with the responsibility for their choices. And so it is not easy.

But if you do not take responsibility, then we cease to be creators of their unique life. We give control to others and no longer have power over them. Others will make choices for us and shape our lives. But by and large, do not take responsibility for their lives is also an element of choice. And we always have to bear responsibility for it, paying their own the broken fortunes. How all this is connected with our present thoughts? Our thoughts we shape our lives and our future.