The Large CARSHARING ATLAS 2013 From Mobile In Germany E.V.

Test car by eight car sharing companies in Germany bye! Who publicly pled in the 70s to CarSharing, was labelled as “Organic” or laughed at, because he could afford no own car. For your own car as a status symbol, it’s been a long. Today, however, applies it as downright hip in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne or Munich times fast a small city runabout for the way to organize work or a convertible for the short trip to the Lake. Carsharing fits in perfectly with our mobile Smartphone time: quick download an app and then click Explore, where is the next free car. But not only the young city people love this mobility model, more and more other Germans to the sharers. CarSharing is booming: for almost 500,000 people in Germany, car sharing is a great alternative to your own car. Because: Those who share his car, saves money. A sharers has up to 1000 Euro annually more in your pocket, when he drives less than 7500 miles in a year.

Also great: The round to conditions vote. Many service providers require no or only a low monthly fee. Registration and admission fees are often low and super attractive settlement: invoice provided only the booked hours and kilometres. Often billed even per minute. A daily rental as for normal car rentals is therefore no longer necessary. On the contrary, short trips be beautiful reality with a borrowed vehicle such as a quick detour to the nearest grocery store, having to heave the heavy drink box not walking home. Save money and enjoy comfort and not only at the price in terms of comfort, CarSharing scores. Because here deal with the company to what costs nerves and time at the private car, so taxes, repairs, tire changing, paint care, general inspection, insurance, parking and more. And also the organizational work for the CarSharing now like clockwork: book, book, go and go – goes quite quickly thanks to the latest technology such as GPS, mobile app, Internet booking and smart card. Tempting send fleet and almost brand new cars.