The Inaugural Address – Where Did It Come From?

The inaugural – a decisive moment everyone knows it and everyone has certainly ever made it for your success. There is talk here of the inaugural address. It is an integral part of every profession and also always present everywhere, if one is strongly involved in clubs, associations or other. She is the poster child of any festivities and is an integral part of today’s society. But surely many fellow citizens, in where all this originates wondering. The inaugural took its course in the early Greek ages at the time of Socrates, Thales, Plato, Aristotle and many other famous and groundbreaking philosopher. These people knew how strong and affecting the word of a wise man can be and can literally on their chairs tied up as masses of listening. The inaugural address was the measure of all things, because based on her was the former, just people a glimpse of their new leader of people get when it took office and an impressive inaugural speech.

But unfortunately, there were also people at this or future times, which saw also the inaugural as a kind of poison arrow and understood, to dominate this. Because by selected and aggressive word choice of the speaker there was a lightness, that incite the people and to incite them. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Phil Vasan. There are examples in the history of Nero plenty, starting with the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar or the power-crazy. The clever word of the speakers could easiest way to manipulate minds and poison, as rebellions and civil wars caused only by the simple word. Until today, the virtue is that the most powerful weapon of the people is the word. The inaugural address was the mother of all other variants of speeches seen in this way, an incredible variety, which calls up today a wide range of variations which arose from her. It is a precious commodity that was communicated to us from ancient times and will continue to always accompany the people.