The Grinding

Turn the ring nut in the clockwise direction, achieve a finer against the clockwise direction a coarser setting. To achieve the finest setting, turning the ring nut in clockwise direction until the grinder core just blocked and they then turn a quarter to a half turn. When coarse settings please make sure that you not completely unscrew the ring nut, because otherwise the grinder core and the spring out. Important notes for spice mixtures and difficult regrind: applies to all damp grains, seeds and spices, that they are only conditionally Grindability in larger quantities. All cone Mills be more or less quickly, and glue! At our X-metal”stainless steel grinder, although rather less if this is the case, but after a short time also occurs. A mill permanently with slightly damp ground to “fill and occasionally some forth auszumahlen” not really works, because already after just a few turns a kind of paste between the grinder core and the grinding ring, which then slowly dry out and can lead to the complete bonding is to remove then only through disassembly and intensive cleaning.

This is when the most Mills do not or only with the craftsmanship. Only one viable solution is spicy”, specifically designed for changing fillings and can be completely disassembled without tools and much skill and intensively clean with a brush. In principle you should grind slightly moist and lubricated spices in small quantities and store this with not too fine grinder adjustment, there is naturally in the teeth of the Spice grinder components and glue might so that nothing goes”. “Admittedly this isn’t just sounds, that here is the speech from a professional mill, but the alternative would mean: I can’t!” Da is disengaged and the grinder has opened! This is achieved by moving the crank briefly in both directions of rotation. Especially at new mills can cause this problems, because all fits and guides hakeln something else”, this will subside due to frequent use and noticeably better.