The Fourth Dimension: The Time

It always knew that the time is relative, even so never is seated in a bar of ice to feel the time to pass to devagar in the favorable situations. Its current situation is most favorable than already it lived. In less than 55 seconds of oxygen lack, it lives deeply an entire existence, its life, of average duration, passes entire in its mind. It thinks as much that it even forgets to breathe. With this it supports more time in its I wave nervous of hand. What more it bothers to it is to remember in such a way time where it wasted in its average duration of life. One remembers as it liked to be motionless, without making nothing, looking at and thinking on one I sing of a blank room. Now, enjaulado in low d? water, does not want nor to know the reason to analyze the meeting of the three dimensions sings in it of the room.

Submerged it only thinks about the importance of fractal geometry, and its fourth challenging dimension: the time. The time is the random chaos in the precision of the commanded space. With this its air finished of time and its hand gives up to wave for aid. When it dives in a spiral tunnel in an infinite fractal, its insuportvel pain in the chest ceases. Until it seems that it breathes again, however total unconscious, is to fall or to fly, in this dimension it deludes it to the gravity. It only repairs the tunnel steals color to pass.

Everything is very fast full e, very full exactly, of information. As to place a knowledge century, in one minute of learning. It really learned: the time is relative. With the embaada and muddy sight it obtains to perceive that it is in a normal hospital, if is deceased, the medical treatment in beyond is equal to the one in the material world.