The Fastest Internet

75-year-old Swedish pensioner Sigbritt Lotberg has written himself into the history of the World Wide Web. Her house is the world's fastest Internet: Connection speed of 40 gigabits per second. Now Sigbritt Lotberg may, for example, movie download format hd dvd in 2 seconds or watch tv at the same time in 1500. All this, however, is attainable only in theory as well as hard drives to cope with the unthinkable 'raid' content does not exist. At Verizon Communications you will find additional information. Previously, Sigbritt computer did not exist. A set supersvyaz her son Peter Lotberg – a leading Swedish expert on the Internet. He developed a new technology fiber optic data transmission – two thousand miles without losing data. Peter said that setting such a high-speed connection – more than just a demonstration. He tries to persuade ISPs to invest in the research technologies that can increase the speed access to the network. Make a gift to his mother, Lotberg showed how you can install low-cost, high-performance line of communication.