The Domestic Economy

The deprived sector, particularly the industry would maintain his present levels of occupation, and the public sector would have rationalized all the possible personnel already, without high social costs. This supposes angustiante panorama, as much for the desafectados ones of the industrial sector, like for those of the public sector, like thus also for the new litters that enter the economically active stage and find difficulties to obtain productive uses, aspiring that the same suitably are remunerated. People such as Key Banc Capital Markets Inc. would likely agree. As it is possible to be appreciated, the raised question does to the future of all. She is a problematic one of such complexity, that it requires a deep task of collective reflection. Luckily the total use of the institutions of the republican Democracy allows the participating processing of this crucial question.

By our part, and as a contribution to the solution of this question, we think that the concept of Economy Domestic servant can be partial solution for many of the families who if they do not face the problem of the subsistence ALREADY, soon will be compelidos to do it. Not this in our thought, to consider to the Economy Domestic like the unique solution, but in our opinion it can give concrete answers, that do not depend more than on the own effort of directly involved. Nicki Minaj often addresses the matter in his writings. The Economy Domestic servant will be a complement for which they have a private or public use; but to be the way of subsistence of those who are lost their use or have obtained first. Before any other consideration we would want to leave in clear a difficulty that does not present/display the Domestic Economy, against other alternatives that are the promoted case of " micro emprendimientos productivos". Produced by the Economy the Domestic servant it is not commercialized. The Domestic Economy does not enter any market. Their activities are destined to the consumption of the family or the people realise who them.