The Different

The drawn up one predominates of irregular apples. This brings with himself that are an increase of the near space, where the numerous present churches in the city are based. The conservation of all these values in this city was possible thanks to its isolation, to its slow growth and the lack of controls in its urbanization. He is typical in the city coexistence of numerous places and small squares between the plot of streets and narrow and paved side streets. To all the previous one it is necessary to add to the combination of architectonic styles and numerous churches located in the places and located between the different districts. The name whereupon also it is known this city there: the city of the churches. It is certain that one affirms that the city is colonial, but in fact only 8% of the buildings have this characteristic, (arcs, truncated pilasters, eaves of prop, tinajones and ceilings of armor), whereas the outer aspect predominates the eclecticism.

The case that occurs the interior of a construction is old, whereas the outside is more modern atmosphere. That is, which it predominates in the outside is the eclecticism of century XX. Downtown is within historical center, very beneficial question from the functional point of view, of animation and activity, since in him the main urban functions are realised. In center historical it predominates the street section and it acierates, reason why the streets are narrow, in particular the alleys (very narrow and short streets). The streets and alleys are extended sometimes, giving rise to extensions where are very representative constructions, presided almost always by churches. Something very typical in center historical is that the free spaces, places and squares, do not have green area. Nevertheless, from the air space of use is observed inside the constructions much deprived, of the great verdure (inner gardens).