The Classificatrio

She comes then the interaction, divided in intellectual, cultural, social and spiritual. The four answer sheets are not eliminatory, but classificatrios, in other words, it can appear somebody and vc if it disinterests. If to give certain the four, very important classificatria phase, says 70% after the directions. Sexual, without commentaries, until pq each one has its answer sheet, is eliminatory, but it can assume the classificatrio character, in the woman the classification depends on the masculine behavior, in the man depends on the indifference. Men do not obtain to dissimulate, or they make sex or love, woman obtain to be deceptive, vz. In any of this stage the love if goes, since a joke, one birra, a small detail can confuse and vc to peder the right to love, much similar to losing sleep. Without a doubt, this is the best analogy there that sleep has with the love, without apparent reason, vc lose and? sleeplessness or solitude. To lie down and to sleep are very good did not obtain? it takes a remedy.

It did not obtain to love? in this in case that it does not have remedy. Passed all these also, vc would have to be loving, are not? Well, pq moreover everything has the three-dimensional cosmic magnetic force without explanation that can modify all this sequence and vc if to get passionate or not. TO LOVE, DOES NOT HAVE EXPLANATION, NOR CAKE PRESCRIPTION. AT LEAST VC A GOOD COMPANY ARRANGED. It forgives me, but I do not have the capacity to disclose as the love functions, in the truth, nobody has, the logical solution is this.