The Cibercultura

By | January 25, 2015

But another condicionante of the modality is the existence and magnifying of the call Society of the information 1, that it is the possibility of all inserted ones in it, to be able to adhere to the Technologies of the Information and Communication, gifts in the quotidiano, constituting indispensable instruments to the personal, involving communications in the work and the leisure. Many pertaining ones to this structure of social organization tend to acquire some knowledge it are of the school for being integrated in this new paradigm of society, preferring for times, the comfort of the home or the praticidade in the intervals of its activities, with all the technologies to the disposal, of what the actual school and with fixed schedules. In this way, the modality tends to adapt itself more good to this model of pupil, proceeding from this society, an organization that Lvy stops (1999) is not static and yes, is in constant mutation, inserted in a process stimulated for the communicative relations that transform the information into a precious good, and the new technologies, main the responsible ones. The Cibercultura is the motor axle of the Society of the Information. On the basis of these balances, the model saw web was if transforming into a product of promising investment of diverse institutions, stimulated for innumerable pedagogical strategies, aiming at to the use of this way in the search of significant educative results in accord with the lesser possible expense. In a similar way, the current context of the world of the work inspires to the pedagogical trends of the education on-line in Brazil, mainly in institutions directed toward professional formation as SENAC, supporting in a way of social and economic development in which the information, as Castells (1999) is the way of the knowledge creation, and consequentemente plays a basic role in the wealth production and, in the supposed contribution for well-being and quality of life of the citizens.

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