The Building Regulations

By | May 2, 2011

Interior designer, it would seem, comes already in a ready room, where all communications are routed or projected and no problems can not be. In practice, the designer not only have to adjust change the layout, purpose rooms, etc., but also carry a significant part of utilities. And in this case, the designer must understand this issue better than the architect. In addition, it is impossible to design interior design without knowing the building regulations. The Building Regulations consist of a dozen volumes, and prescribe a wide variety of walks of life, ranging from the necessary lighting in rooms and to fire protection. Also, the designer must be very well-versed in finishing materials, know their chemical composition and physical properties. Understand how these materials behave under various conditions. For example, when you need to connect or combine two different materials, for example, flooring and tile, making it a beautiful and technically correct.

Many are faced with similar problems during the repair, but the designer must understand in all variety of finishing materials and ways of working with them to avoid mistakes during the finishing work. The third – the cost of mistakes. Every mistake novice interior designer – this is money the customer the work of builders, spoiled materials, and that is not unimportant – the time. Most people can not afford designers who learn from their mistakes at their expense. In most creative professions are real professionals simply must be fans of his case. And the designer – one of those professions. To be really good interior designer must constantly seek new information, new visual experiences, new and original opportunities. This is not only and not work as a way of life.

It is difficult to imagine a designer engaged in the business eight o'clock working hours, and then forget about work, moved on to other things. Passion interest, desire is an essential part of the designer. And, of course, can not forget about the talent. And in conclusion, I want to advise the designer to choose carefully for your future interior. A professional designer will help realize your dream of a beautiful interior to life, save your money and most importantly, your nerves.

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