The Athenian

Many children in preinitial and initial age begin has to imitate their parents, like for example when their parents handle a text the other way around, when these are reading imitated the act. Therefore, the first passage for the parents is to concientizar itself on the value of the habit of reading and, once obtained, of trying to serve as model its own children (ace). b) It is important that the parents dedicate a part of their time to share the moments of reading with his nios/as. Like for example: that in the childhood it is necessary to read with the greater expresividad and possible eloquence to them so that the boy, when listening the reading of a book, develops to his imagination and creativity. We must always consider that the reading, besides a habit, is an intellectual activity cognoscitiva.c) Is advisable, to qualify in the house an appropriate space for way books ordinate of any sort of reading. This brings an appreciable importance in which the children realize that each book has its own site in the home.

d) To choose books in agreement with the taste and the maturation of the boy is another one of the needs to consider. For example in the pre-school stage the books to color are advisable, in order to draw, etc. Later, and insofar as educating is growing, they are appropriate the books that ” they contain in its adventures stories of you foretell, genies that wake up in them their capacity of astonishment and his imaginacin”. Also the imagination mixed with of humor like fables, stories, myths, legend. Also to take into account in the fantastic adolescence, stories, science-fiction, articles, magazines (different notebooks that form a book) and other subjects become in center of their readings always taking account the context in which lives. Finally, and as a reflection, also to express, like Scientist in Education, that the educative units must be to equip them of libraries, provided of sufficient books like satisfying the needs with all the estudiantes.CONCLUSI? N: – All the parents must remember always who the base of the learning of his hijos/as is the reading.

On the other hand, he is advisable that the family parents control the information to which his can accede hijos/as, since not everything what it finds in the reading is destined to them. – All the parents must have in their homes small corners of learning where are interesting books for the reading of their children.