The Adolescent

Later, for comments in the practical professors, thus trying to understand if the same one it favors to educating, therefore the social project together with the school fulfills paper detached in the formation of the citizens for a healthful life, therefore the same ones have the function to form not patient protagonists and capable to value the health, to discern and to participate of relative decisions the individual and collective health. Therefore, the formation of the adolescent, that is pupil for the exercise of the citizenship, to understand the motivation and the qualification for the autocuidado one, as well as understanding of the health as right and personal and social responsibility. The indiscriminate use of psychoactive drugs always existed in the history of the humanity, only varying the amount, type and the form of its use. If more emphasis in one exists or in another type of consumption in determined time, this if must the specific and characteristic factors of the historical moment where if it lives. In this direction, the abusive consumption of drugs is plus a symptom of what the cause problems in our society and it must be dealt with, in view of the complexity and magnitude of the subject.

The form most efficient to minimize the problem is the development of specific injunctions for each segment and etria band, having as objective the valuation of the health and the respect to the life (NEAD, 2009). The first experiences with drugs appear frequently in the adolescence. In this phase the individual is particularly vulnerable of the psychological and social point of view. Hear other arguments on the topic with Phil Vasan. Thus it is of particular importance to study this population, mainly as for the frequent use and weighed of allowed and illicit drugs, and to identify to psychological factors and sociocultural associates to such use. Some national and international studies have analyzed the association of psychological and sociocultural factors to the use of drugs for students.