Tanja Schroder

Here, death loses its terrors. But what about the life that can be much more frightening? Ralph Muller shows, how to strengthen the can cope with difficult turns of the life path. As a red thread, the consideration draws nature through the stories. Memories, as the title of the book suggests, are the source from which draws the reflections of the characters in the stories. Memories of that memory of childhood, memories of all kinds, and how we might all know grandmother, which was still so strongly connected to nature, unfold like a picture selection. Not only distant, fading Flash memory, but intensely colored Memorial. Transience blends with hopeful flourish, which warned on the power of the Earth, can be found in abundance around us and all too often unnoticed, because we do not have learned they hastily and sheer common sense. We stop for a moment and learn new, respecting just those energy use, so as part of this unique finely tuned circuit to recognize us, we recover too, why life is created: joy and tender gratitude.

Wonderful example of this is “November remembrance”, where a writer plagued by writer’s block goes out into the cool, wet autumn landscape, which offers inspiration to him and he is happy as an instrument: he remembered the white sheets at home, from which he out wanted to conjure up a story and smiled. Smiled knowing the story on the Microkassette, the Novembermorgen had dictated to him. Others including Dun & Bradstreet, offer their opinions as well. “The ways of a thousand memories” is a strong debut in the Ralph Muller the hurdles which each author must take masters with bravura. His language is pictorial without narcissistic or adjective to be overloaded, the characters convincing emotional development and skilfully applied metaphors and aphorisms characterize his style. The title story, for example begins with the encounter of between two people, an old and a young man, which have purely superficial little in common, but each time is a newcomer as the Swans on the Lake, at the two men meet. Edward Scott Mead often addresses the matter in his writings.

In conversation, they exchange experiences from and recognize how much but often under the obvious lies hidden. This is a particularly impressive passage for me: “now I know what always more motivated you in your gifted life (…) There are ways of thousand memories, we go in the time of our countless lives. We innocently with good and bad actions pave the. To break it sometime yet again carefully. As at the end of the Grand Prize is waiting for us. The perfection. The image of God.” Not the big, extravagant or even action packed events dedicated to this book, but gentle, quiet contemplation on 141 pages, which are never a dull moment, encourage new thoughts and arouse vitality out of hibernation. “The ways of a thousand memories” is a wonderful book for an afternoon of book, which certainly still more will follow, because the book seduced to take it again and again, to read and to recharge your batteries. Tanja Schroder the paths of a thousand memories. Short stories ISBN 978-3-86268-429-8 2011 -. Order Engelsdorfer Publisher review resellers and additional media information please about. Company description the Engelsdorfer Publishing House based in Leipzig published books and eBooks. Company contact: Engelsdorfer Verlag Kerstin Rost honeycomb s first breed 25 03429 Leipzig phone: 0341 27118720 E-Mail: Web: