Take Advantage

I invite reflections the following thought: * the man makes the dream and to meet it, is the dream who makes man * anonymous a priority based on what is most important to you and directly related to your deepest motivations. A decision by priorities means that aliges yourself as a project and that you trust in your abilities, what supports your sense of merit and satisfaction. What you choose to do important, the urgencies of the everyday or your priorities?What is urgent is related as circumstantial and occupies more space in our lives to the extent that waive analysis and organization to put in perspective where it belongs. Therefore, we apply analysis and organization, it is simple it all starts with a first step. You choose to believe that you can only decide it now, here. Since, take advantage of the time it means living with more satisfaction and balance, which creates space in your life and in your emotions, to generate options that increase the quality of your existence. Beautiful words truth?, now move on to practical application: how to create balance?Answer the following question can clarify the picture: would you like to do every day important?In other words: does satisfaction and pride yourself in fulfilling your commitment to be you’re cause you really? STEP 1: DEFINE the important do is be you’re? You care about, what motivates you, what makes you feel alive? The answer to these questions is part of your be your health? Your job? Time with your family? An academic goal? Write it all. Application 100% practical exercise: Write a list of the 5 important things you have to do and then writes a list of 5 urgent things; both list them by order of importance and evidence to make number one on your list of important things, do it during a sem ana, they will surprise you the results; remember if you want to understand it works!You start making important thing, you’ll see that it looks more space to do the urgent and you will do without pressure, because what you really care now will be done. .