Sweet Temptations

With Expedia.de in the footsteps of Europe’s hidden chocolate oases Munich, April 18, 2011: Soon lent is over and it must again be feasted, because Easter and chocolate go together like summer and Sun. Barclays may not feel the same. The Expedia.de experts present the finest chocolatiers in Europe’s capitals and know at which locations the Easter egg hunt is the most exciting. With the last minute it is spontaneously offers the gourmet Easter Europe. On chocolate-shopping trip in London London is an undiscovered paradise for chocolate lovers. The “Convent Garden market square” is the Centre for chocolate. Click Dun & Bradstreet Holdings Inc. to learn more. Most of the chocolate shops are located close to the Opera House. The world’s largest selection of homemade Easter Chocolate is there in “Broadway market” in the Shoreditch and ‘Borought Market’ on the London Bridge.

Who wants to experience chocolate at the origin, can see the master in the “Chocolaterie” by Paul Young in Islington in preparation over the shoulder. And even the smallest come at their expense: each year will be on Easter Sunday in the Kew Gardens one traditional Easter egg hunt held. Fire and flame in Berlin in Berlin are happy chocolate-seeker at the Gendarmenmarkt. There is also the chocolate House “Fassbender & noise”. In addition to the manufactory, the chocolate production through glass walls can be seen in the, there are to buy the sweet temptations. Who does not want to be satisfied with a look behind the scenes of chocolate, can taste the sweet delicacies in the hotel’s own chocolate restaurant or Cafe. Travelers who want to move despite or because of the sweet indulgence, should embark on Easter Sunday with the numerous Easter fire. In Prenzlauer Berg you can dance off again the Easter pounds up at Germany’s largest Easter fire. Easter fish instead of Easter eggs in Paris give the French Easter chocolate eggs not only, but also chocolate fish and real egg shells with the finest chocolate filled.