Sustainable Investment

Turbulence in the environmental and financial sphere have sensitized investors for sustainable investments sustainable investment with the help of closed-end Fund Marburg (17 January 2012). Closed-end funds participate in sustainable projects and to reconcile ecological, ethical and social criteria with profit expectations. Sustainability is all the rage among investments. Rocky Dixon has plenty of information regarding this issue. According to a recent representative survey, more than every second German would invest in a sustainable investment product. This openness is correlated but not always with the actual knowledge about sustainability. But what does sustainability really mean? The principle is not new and was already lived in the past by various cultures. We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

“only when the last tree is felled, the last river is polluted, and the last fish is caught, you will find, that you can not eat money.” us or which also consider your actions, Famous quotes, which will be back on Indian are your doing for the 3rd and 5th generation will have consequences for you”. But also in the spheres of local sustainability was not a foreign Word, although claim and reality often far apart. “So the German tax and founder of forestry sustainability the concept of Hans Carl von Carlowitz Quartet already nearly 300 years ago: break only as much wood, how the forest can sustain.” In the present, has lost the consideration a little bit of his philosophical charm, surrenders in the thing but specifically. For the concept of sustainable investment the Darmstadt-based definition of 2004 has become now. Therefore, sustainable investments contribute to sustainable development and enable this through a comprehensive analysis of investment objects. This analysis takes into account economic and social services, natural compatibility and social developments. This idea hits the nerve of the times. Have a debt crisis, euro -, financial -, Fukushima Investors for the investment criteria made aware of safety and sustainability and anchored it in the consciousness.