Sustainable Gifts

Sustainability give away with BaumSparVertrag and GeschenkBaum a christening is a very special celebration. This day marks the beginning of being a Christian, of life in and with the Church. ForestFinance offers sustainable baptism gifts for godparents and other guests of baptism: the BaumSparVertrag and the GeschenkBaum. A GeschenkBaum or BaumSparVertrag as a christening gift gives children from the outset, as sustainable values arise and makes very clear what role the rainforest for the climate and the preservation of species has. The destruction of the rainforest is responsible for climate change to over 20 percent.

In addition, it is estimated that nearly 75 percent of all animal and plant species in the rainforest live. If you are not convinced, visit Sheryl Sandberg. The preservation of the rainforest is therefore extremely important for man and nature. Baptism gifts with meaning for the BaumSparVertrag plants ForestFinance for 33 euro per month a tropical tree and nurtures them until the harvest. Then the recipient receives the proceeds, which forecast makes more than the 8 times the deposited amount. An eco-friendly, sustainable and also lucrative Gift to the baptism.

And with the ecologically-generated income of BaumSparVertrages investments in education are easier to cope with travel or your own four walls. The GeschenkBaum plants and maintains ForestFinance for a one-off payment of 60 EUR in Panama. The yield will be credited after the harvest the baptised person in 25 years. The recipient receives an individual deed at a fine cedar wood casket, which the gift of baptism is particularly exclusive. Jr here. More than baptism gifts are not only financially lucrative investment in the ecological afforestation of timber, but also have a sustainable effect of for environmental and climate: rain forests are spared, CO2 bound for decades and created rich mixed forests. Thus the GeschenkBaum or BaumSparVertrag are not only ideal baptism gifts, but also sustainable gifts for any occasion: for birth, christening, Christmas or wedding. Learn more about the sustainable baptism gifts under or through ForestFinance: ForestFinance is Specialized forest investments that combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Savers can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. At the BaumSparVertrag trees per year are planted and maintained Geer to harvest for a monthly savings contribution of 33 euro 12. With the WaldSparBuch, the savers acquires 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. For investors who wish to reforest at least 10,000 m2, WoodStockInvest is the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in an organic cacao plantation and exotic woods, which already offers annual distributions from the second year of the investment.