Surgeons Clinic

Medical surgical specialties clinic is governed under a model of negocio-clinico, where patients make up their own package of services according to your needs. By ERIKA MELeNDEZ PeREZ after years of effort and hard work, today medical surgical specialties clinic has consolidated in Puebla as a great option in medical quality services at the best cost. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation by clicking through. Its director, Willebaldo Montiel Tizcareno, reveals that negocio-clinico model has had a great acceptance in the market. In the medical surgical specialties clinic opening doors so patients met with a specialist clinic, or can bring to your trusted doctor, renting only medical facilities, being confident that will count with an excellent quality service and some operating rooms of first level. Among many other advantages we can point out at this clinic there are no conditions of payment to income and has financing to 12, 18 or 25 months interest with fees by Fonacot credit and credit cards. It is common for patients to bring excellent Surgeons of the IMSS, ISSSTE, Sedena, Pemex, Mexico, Hospital Spanish ABC Hospital and have even had a couple of cases of Houston doctors, mentions Willebaldo Montiel Tizcareno. Baby clothes is full of insight into the issues. Your measurement fits just noted that the customer focuses on which attention in medical surgical specialties clinic is in the affluent middle class, which does not have major medical expenses service and that prefers care in private hospitals.

Our classic patient is the small businessman or the Executive salaried worker with good incomes who need hospital care and search location, specialty, professionalism, comfort and price. Our niche is in people convinced that saving is the basis of wealth and that the rich man is rich because he cares for his money. According to its director, to keep up to date medical surgical specialties clinic requires constant investment in infrastructure and equipment, but only the best care is thus guaranteed.