Study: Intelligent Automation Will Increase In The Call Center

Employees should focus on quality of advice Frankfurt am main/Berlin – according to a study by Verint be increasingly automated in the next few years call center default tasks, to offer customers more choice and at the same time to reduce costs. Agents should focus on more complex queries and more intensely to maintain the personal relationship with the customer. The most common method for quality assurance is the classic side-by-side monitoring for 80 percent of the respondents currently. Silent monitoring and mystery calls are also used in slightly more than half of the call center. The recording of the conversations could save much time, because random is whether a relevant to the coaching conversation situation. Recorded the conversations, the trainers have the opportunity to search out these interactions from the total pool”, recommends Verint Manager Gisa Heinemann.

Speech analysis will better support the process, because you can automatically identify words or phrases search without the records came in to hear. The traditional indicators such as level of service, duration of a call and the call volume serve as key performance indicators as before. If the respondents but even in a call center call, they would short waiting times, friendly agents and the rapid execution of their concerns: surprisingly use these factors apart from the level of service but less than half of the respondents for the performance evaluation of the own call center. Quantitative figures dominate as before. Possibly because the measurement of such parameters, such as, for example, experience seems many more complex”, so Heinemann. Even in this field, you could use speech analysis software, and greatly simplify the process. Jens Klemann, which measures for conducting the study of responsible partner of the consulting firm Strateco in Bad Homburg, the topic of language analysis to growing importance: even against the background of the planned regulatory measures in the telemarketing is an effective and reliable quality assurance for so-called outbound calls to the duty of all premium service provider”. Indispensable for the automation strategy a higher self service intelligence of the system, argued the language dialog expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge experience of market.

Personalized dialog management will be a major topic of the call center world Berlin: the individual customer pre-qualification, dialogue and forwarding, depending on which customer calls when, on which phone number. The optimum man-machine-human communication using all existing information about the caller. Which customer group which he used products that last incident. Open dialogue instead of rigid dialogs – how can I help you?