News from the paint doctor quick come to rear-end collisions or Park jostling when the streets with wet leaves are covered. So the removal of the damages is not unnecessarily expensive, Molaris GmbH from Munich (the paint doctor) the solution offers. The wall fell 20 years ago. Certainly a reason to celebrate these days. But not everything, produces a wide approval. Botanists look at the falling of the leaves in the fall as a biological process and useful contribution to the formation of humus.

Motorists, however, know the pitfalls of foliage-covered streets. These are real slides in conjunction with wetness. An effect that occurs especially on cobblestone streets, which is found in many inner cities. Late braked to a stop once at traffic lights or when / parking to much gas and already has happened: the car slips on the leaves, and a collision with another vehicle, the lamppost or bollard can be no longer avoided. Dents and paint damage, their elimination are the result fast four-digit euro amount to devour with conventional repair methods. But not only on the road but also on the car paint itself, the leaves can become a problem if it stays there longer. The varnish has often already small scratches, cracks or rockfalls in older cars. Are these covered with wet leaves, moisture can literally soak into the paint, and opens the door the grate.

In the worst case, the colours of the leaves can penetrate even in the paint and are clearly visible in bright paints. But so far it has not come. The paint doctor has the solution for all types of paint damage. With great skill and special procedures, minor damage to the car can be removed at low cost in a short time. The paint doctor specializes in the area of SMART repair. This paint damage eliminated partially through service technicians with special tools and equipment.