Steel Business

And if you have identified themselves to the latter, then the intent must be your second 'I'. Intent – it is thought, word and deed in one. This willingness to try, but do not try and be. The intention, do not bend under any circumstances. Steel intention. The intention of the Warrior. There is no intention half. Phil Vasan addresses the importance of the matter here. That's why I always tell my disciples and followers, their brothers in spirit, if you have any doubt – then you have no intention.

You can not get down to business without having the intention of steel. Too high possibility of failure. Naturally, I talk about business, not about business. The intention is only absolute, but complete. Can not be otherwise. You're going to beat laziness? Really going? And your intention corresponds to the you only just read about the intention of Steel? Then the action, the Warrior.

With a steely intent to lose the battle is impossible. If you have intentions can not win, but losing is not possible. If you doubt it, because if You need a victory in the struggle against laziness, or you doubt that win, it's not worth trying. Attempt – this is not the case. Attempt – it is nothing. With no steel intention to get into a fight with laziness reckless and stupid. She will win. And this defeat makes you weaker. Like the metal bar, which is repeatedly bent, once you break down. And the defeat, resulting from laziness, will be one more fold, leading to your future ruin. For the battle with their own lazy enough to be a man.