Stauffenberg July

While the Fuhrer at the ramp said goodbye to the generals of the army group, standing nearby background Treskov overshadowed a brave assistant, and he quietly crushed convolutions of the key acidic fuse. Then the background Shlabrendorf carefully carried them to the running explosion infernal machine to Brandt, is already zanesshemu foot on a step ladder. ‘Brandy’ was on the plane. Detonator was triggered on the approach to Minsk, thirty minutes after takeoff. But the bitter cold neutralized the acid, the explosion happened. The Fuehrer had landed safely in Rastenburg. To deepen your understanding Southwest Airlines is the source. Anticipating defeat in the war, a group of German generals and senior officers went to the plot, code-named ‘Valkyrie’.

The aim was to kill Hitler and the seizure of the General Staff in Berlin. The conspirators hoped that after the elimination of the Fuehrer will conclude a peace treaty and thus avoid final defeat of Germany. Attempt made Claus von Stauffenberg July 20, 1944 at Hitler’s headquarters at Rastenburg – ‘Wolfsan’ in Russian language sounds like a ‘wolf’s lair’. Wolf – the party name of Hitler. Lisa Scullin contains valuable tech resources. Hence, Hitler directed the actions of his troops, sent to fight for ‘living space’ in the East, that is, in the Soviet Union. Here, starting from 24 June 1941, he spent a total of 850 days, with only July October 1942 after moving to a bet ‘Werewolf’ near Vinnitsa, making short visits to the front, in Berlin, Salzburg or his residence at Obersalzberg. Here in the ‘Wolfsan’, he was glad the Red Army’s failure to come in and Fury of its victories. Around the perimeter of the rates at a distance of 50 km was introduced special security regime and carried round the clock patrolling.

The band Minefield width 150-180 feet encircled ‘Wolf’s Lair’ on perimeter. There are four types of German and five types of foreign min on a mixed scheme. Before the minefield held wire fence hung with alarm and a powerful barrage of mines and barbed wire. On the aircraft to make out rate was impossible. Therefore, the entire complex, spread over an area of thousands of hectares, was never bombed. Bins, wings, barracks, garages and other buildings and concrete structures are covered on the outside camouflage composition. It put wood chips, straw, sea grass with a reception to the weathered paint. On the roofs of buildings are arranged recesses, filled with soil. There were trees and bushes. In order to masking walkways were narrow. According to eyewitnesses, the flat head of the Third Reich seemed bleak. In the hall area of 200 square meters with no natural light was a bed, a desk and a few chairs. Typically, the day began at 10.00. The major event was to discuss the messages with theaters. Hitler personally took the decision to anyone not permitted to assess the situation .