Station Brigadier General

The ideal is that the floor tactile either applied on a smooth surface, antiskid uniform and, in the case of suspended movable identification it is enough that it is applied in return, and on all its projection, not providing more security to the pedestrians. When applying the norm must be taken in account each situation and be studied which the best solution for each case. Simply to copy without analyzing in case that the case, can get worse the use conditions still more, beyond causing unreliability and confusion for the user, and still generating expenses that could better be used. Image 2: Tactile floor between mosaics Source: Personal quantity Image 3: Tactile floor in excess Source: Personal quantity 8 the passage is locked in the Cathedral of If, for where the main access if of the one for an imponent staircase. However, two lateral entrances count on slopes of access, what it takes care of the norm, therefore in cases of existing constructions already are enough that only one of the entrances is accessible.

It was evidenced clearly that the center of the city of So Paulo still is well far from being an accessible place to all. What one meets are fragmentos of attempts of implantation of the accessibility, but that without a bigger planning it finishes turning a confusion for our eyes and our directions. 2.1.2 SO PAULO AVENUE SP In the stroll guided for the So Paulo Avenue, the constataes of the accessibility situation had been well different of the found ones in the center of the city. The script also starts in the Station If of the subway, again of 1 wagon, destined the people with deficiency and part in direction the Station Brigadier General, where full conditions of accessibility exist, with tactile floor, circulation and exclusive elevator for embarkment and landing of people with deficiency or reduced mobility.