Start Mass Production

In 2007 a new era is dawning in display technology. Many companies start with the mass production of AM-OLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) Samsung SDI launches the first in the 1 quarter of 2007. Samsung SDI plans to produce a QVGA AMOLED from 2.0 inch to 2.6. Samsung SDI has invested 460 billion won for the production line in Cheonan. The other manufacturers are planning in the run of the year 2007 also include the mass production. We will see how the AMOLED will prevail in the market, analysts expect that the AMOLED up to 40% might be more expensive than conventional LCDs. However, the potential of AMOLED is undisputed. Improved brightness, image quality, faster response, better Seitenablesbarkeit, and consumes much less energy than LCDs. DisplaySearch sees in the numbers of AMOLED developed as follows: 2006 2.39 million units of 2007 24.