Presentation display importer STAR EXPO expands its diverse delivery and performance program Spiesen, March 2010 with new foldable brochure stands from German production in modern sleek design of renowned presentation display specialist STAR EXPO Ltd. expands its diverse supply portfolio. The new variants of the racks are foldable and mobile. A precise and constant high quality is ensured by modern manufacturing methods on an automated production line next to a high availability. The use of high-quality materials such as ABS for the brochure trays and polyester coated steel for shear mechanics and foot part guarantees a long life even under harsh environmental conditions.

Digital communication, for example by E-Mail or in the form of the presentation by his own Web page appearance, is becoming increasingly important. And that is a good thing. However, continue to enjoy the most people the handle to the \”real\” newspaper, instead of relying on the digital counterpart. Internet advertising is perceived often as disturbing, while one newspaper advertising greater attention to give… The Internet is just not touch her and people want to have \”something\”. You are always still touch. Brochures are not superfluous therefore even in the age of IT. Quite the contrary.

Indulge in an always virtual life world still \”be – access\” and perceive with all your senses. With its significant weight, its rustling pages and also with his printer color odor brochure conveys to the customer, that tangible products or services will be presented to him. Racks are usually rather inconspicuous information Wizard, which take over but important functions in the information and communication processes. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andrew Duncan Producer. So how, the brochure presents your products, the brochure stand presents your brochure. Racks are the preferred means of presentation. Its still great relevance is the Google search statistics: monthly is the word \”Racks\” googled more than 40,000 times. With an attractive design, the brochure stand by STAR EXPO create optical incentives and thus additional interest.