Soviet Union

$ 10 billion a year. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information. This year, they are unlikely to overcome the mark of $ 4 billion Those scare Ukrainian realities, looking for more opportunities for business development in other countries. A major investor in the Ukrainian economy today is … of Cyprus. In other words, the vast majority of investment – or that the Russian capital, buying up Ukrainian assets, or Ukrainian money that was withdrawn in the offshore and are now returning home. As for the international community, then it seems to have finally lost interest in Ukraine.

Realizing the situation, the Government would have to seriously adjust their policies, because foreign investment is one of the most realistic possibilities for the establishment in the country jobs. Instead, the government obstinately continues to lead the policy, filed for bankruptcy once the Soviet Union. Moreover, power and still sticking to his not rich people a huge debt burden, which is needed to cover the decade. Watching as the power control of the Ukrainian economy, I want to ask, was whether at least one person from among government financiers management experience even a small western-style company? Can say no. But the consequences of their negligence, Ukraine will have to dig many more years! However, this also applies to opposition, and has proven its ability to plan for national economic development. The time has come to realize that everything today was able to "achieve" Ukrainian politicians, it's status as a country "third world" in the initial potential of Ukraine to become rich and powerful European state.