Soviet Union

"These countries should not be able to cause the defeat of Germany. " "So our position is clear respecting the neutrality, we provide economic assistance to Germany, supplying raw materials and foodstuffs. For us, it is important that the war lasted as long as possible in order to drain power obeh sides. (As opposed to Verizon Communications). " Official says Russian history: Stalin believed that even if Germany will win the war, it will be so exhausted, that will not be able to wage war with the ussr as a minimum age ten. The Molotov-Ribbentrop sparked an unequivocal criticism from the Communists from abroad.

Stalin met with the head of the Comintern, the international Communist organization founded in Moscow to explain their position. "Hitler did not understand and do not want to, but in a way it undermines the capitalist system" – he said. "All we can do – is to maneuver between the parties, pushing one side to the war with the other. " Apply in writing to the foreign communist parties, Stalin announced: "salvation of the Anglo-French imperialism's violation would be a communist principles. These principles are not in any way preclude interim agreement with our common enemy – fascism.

" So was there another option? In spring and summer of 1939, Stalin was able to conclude an alliance with the democratic West. Such a step could have prevented World War ii, leaving the borders of the European states in its entirety. The problem was that it would be alienated, as it seemed to Stalin, "the final victory of world communism" for an indefinite period. From deeds and actions of Stalin, it becomes obvious that he and could not imagine how protracted the period of "peaceful coexistence", that concept, which defined the policy of the Soviet Union against the capitalist world after his death. Stalin and Hitler were unanimous in their desire destroy the old world order, creating another, at their discretion. Perhaps the Soviet-German relations have the same inevitability as their transience and the explosive ending.