South American

" To illustrate these points, the author copy the following table comparing the Chibcha languages, and Guaymi talamanca, formed by Dr. Max Uhle. As among the Talamancas and stood Guaymies the Dorasques or Dorachos, who inhabited the highlands of Chiriqui natural judge everyone to make part of the same village in continuous territory. The comparison of the dialects chumulu, Gualaco and changuinas changuene or spoken by biases of the tribe of the Chibcha language Dorasques, we demonstrated that our assumption was founded. Bernard Golden insists that this is the case. Judge for the reader if we are right in view of the following table: Returning to the quotation from Brinton, who interrupted in order to verify their findings, we feel you do not agree with the conclusion follows from its premises.

It reads: "With regard to migration, I do not think that the discussion of dialectical changes leave no way to doubt. They suggest rubbing and loss of original form, such as we draw from South to North America, evidently wandering hordes moved into the last, starting with the southern continent. Since there is no evidence that any North American tribe emigrated to South America. "This latest proposal, which seems too absolute, nothing, try once may oppose the contrary: no evidence that any tribe South American emigrated to North America. Neither nor Chibchas Guaymies Talamancas and had no kind of writing, therefore, not retained memory of their origin. Returning to the assertion of this author, will present a case of migration of a bias that left Mexico and settled in the northwest corner of South America, in Colombia.