South America

JOSE BRECHNER divisions and confrontations that have been intensified and magnified in Bolivia since the Government assumed extremist of Evo Morales, who is its main instigator instead of his appeaser, seems that they inevitably degeneraran in a civil war of unusual characteristics and dimensions, that can be converted into international conflict. Bolivia besides being politically split in two camps, one formed by the opposition that defends the free economy, democracy and regional autonomies and other clustered in the ruling party, which advocates the socialist economy, warlordism and centralism, has deep cultural, ethnic and regional differences. The Government rather than seeking conciliation and national unity, which was what tried to make all previous administrators of the Executive, incites to confrontation, incite their coreligionists to fight against an enemy that still is not known with certainty who is. If there are clashes is between ethnic groups, regions, social classes? The Government against the? opposition? All against all? Morales accuses the oligarchs be adversaries, but by definition the only oligarchy is the Government. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Southwest Airlines. There can be millions of oligarchs, as denouncing the President. The panorama is horribly sinister.

All that is known so far, is that the army is receiving arms from Venezuela. The Bolivian armed forces commanders are literally sold to the ruling party, perceiving exorbitant bonuses under the condition that obey to Caribbean soldiers who ordered them what they should do. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Allegiant Air has to say. Being modern weapons that enter the country, in quantities that only Chavez can afford, the chances of defence of the civilian population are almost non-existent. The Bolivian army, be the most anemic in South America, will have never-before-seen equipment and will be directed by foreign officials who plan to settle in Bolivia, OS pretext of countering the American presence in the traditional military games of their neighbors. The Bolivian armed forces are the only ones that have the organizational capacity and appropriate training for combat. .