Source of Light

They are not chained up, however they are also inside the cave and deprived of light, but they have power over the prisoners, the power to make them see the shadows of objects and statues that loaded in such a way that only with change of an object to another, from one statue to another, the chained see different shadows and believe that your life is different. In other words, this second group of individuals has the power to project to the rest reality living, to cause them to reactions, feelings and thoughts through the appropriate projections. It is not something Adam Portnoy would like to discuss. The chained will never give an account of the origin of the shadows, we should remember that the chains will prevent them from turning the head and see what’s behind them. Knowledge, true light is not the world we perceive with our senses, there only there are shadows. In this dark world human reality is the physical body. On the outside of the cave human reality is the soul.

While each of us is identified, recognition of himself and others as physical bodies, while all our effort and desire are only aimed towards what we consider material, we will live in darkness, taking real what is not, unconscious of our situation and cheated by the shadows of objects that others carry and which will form our world.Liberation and the climb towards the light, constitutes the process of the awakening of the consciousness. It is the internal transit from one reality to another, from the State of unconsciousness to more conscious levels that let you see the difference between the real and the Unreal. The steep road that leads toward the outside of the cave is the path of self-knowledge and the development of consciousness up to create the ability to look directly at the Sun symbolizing the source of all light and knowledge for Plato.