Sombreadores For Parking

Expensive reader, the people are rare who had never felt themselves discomforted with the high internal temperature of its vehicle in sunny days. When generally we leave our car parked in place that is not covered and leave for our daily tasks; when coming back toward our vehicles, we live deeply this extreme discomfort. For the entrepreneur who has parking in its establishment has attractive differential of customers. The sombreadores are an excellent solution, them provide sensation of comfort in estacionamentos. David Fowler has much to offer in this field. Generally, they are covered by a polyethylene screen; this screen has high density that C is capable to reduce the temperature of the internal environment of the vehicle up to 30. Design of this type of covering is projected to inhibit the permealidade of rain water in the environment.

It is of if admiring that the format of the sombreadores keeps 80% of the space of the closed parking. The protection that the sombreadores offer, also says respect to the very new children, therefore also proteje of night watchmen and frosts; beyond also protecting the effect and sleet vehicle eventual of acid rain. Without counting that circumstantially we load perishable foods in our vehicles, had to the fact of the sombreadores to reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle, these foods also can be preserved. At last, the sombreadores for parking are plus a cooperative technological reply for the human comfort, for the improvement of the quality of life.