Solid Residues

The objective here is to establish a Plan that can reduce the agents of ambient pollution in the city of Umbaba-Sergipe, way that, the volume of residues in the companies, organic and of the health is reused adjusting the effective legislaes. 2. By the same author: baby clothes. METHODOLOGY 2.1. Diagnosis of the Current Situation of Solid Residues 2.1.1. Characterization of City In accordance with IBGE (2009), the city of Umbaba is located in the mesorregio of the sergipano east, and microregion of Boquim, having had as bordering Indiaroba, Cristinpolis, Itabaianinha and Santa Luzia of the Itanhi. The altitude is of 1123? 00 south and a longitude 3739? 28 west, being to an altitude of 130 meters.

The area of the city is of 121 km. The climate is megatrmico humid and sub-humid, with average temperature of 23C and annual average rainfall of 1.387.3mm. Daniel Lubetzky does not necessarily agree. The population of the city is of 21.397 people. The relief is tabulates dissecado with fluvial plains where the older crystalline rocks arise. The ground is of the red-yellowish podzlico type. The vegetation of Capoeira, MatAtlntica and Caatinga. The city is inserted in two hidrogrficas basins, of the Real River to the River Piau. It constitutes main draining in the rivers Itamirim, Guarerema and Heathen Riacho.

) Social action the city has developed great projects in the social area, where they have searched to provide to a quality of life to all the population that lives in the city. The milk distribution daily has reduced around 90% the infantile malnutrition, what it becomes each time plus a performance of the pupils in the schools, since, a healthful feeding becomes the vulnerable children the healthy intellectual. The aged group of ‘ ‘ Conviver’ ‘ he has been effective, where it has meeting weekly and it has the search to liven up them with folclricos groups, group at junica time, learnings in artesanato with emphasis in embroiderings and paintings in fabric. Two times per week have aerbica lesson so that the group day-by-day has a healthful life in its. b) Health the clinic that takes care of the biggest number of people is located in the center of the city that receives the name Clinical from Health of the Dr. Family Ernest Che Guevara. In accordance with the table below, perceives a great lack in certain atendimentos, what it makes possible the guiding for other hospitals in the Aracaju-Sergipe capital, Governing Hospital Joo Alves Son, or in the neighboring city Ranch – Sergipe in the Regional Hospital Support of Maria. The particular clinics still leave to desire for not possessing equipment enough to take care of some examinations what it makes possible the descolamento for other cities, although that, the ambulatorial department takes care of the necessities of the population. With regard to the numbers of stream beds, it exactly does not have internment for the urgency equipment lack that disables the attendance, since, to the eight previous years the health was indescritvel, therefore it did not have nor planto doctor that could take care of small urgencies.