Between each of the items – the signing of the Act of transfer and acceptance of work performed under the contract. When you spend 50 – 70 000 evergreen money, but it seems as if suitable for the finishing stage and the first transaction, they will throw up your hands, you offer yourself to call the London office and will possibly hide from you. Remind you – when you call on the London numbers will speak to you from Kiev. The Slavic accent, which you will receive a Welsh dialect. It should be remembered, correctly drawn up a contract for services and acts signed by the reception and transmission of the contract – the legal protection. And the protection they sufficiently competent. Treaty drafted in such a way that you are not able to move to the next stage without having paid the previous one and not signing the act that everyone is happy.

Complain and no one to sue. Everything is done for good will and sound mind. I do not know that these figures for the procedure cambium, but a bill in favor of third parties wary. Like the fact that their design is carried out in the early stages before the outbreak of the debt. In general, in international exchange law, there are many synonyms and possible conflicts. Very put it mildly, I do not recommend signing such documents to the actual funding. For everything in this world have to pay. And for learning experience, too. Even such a thing.