Saxon Switzerland

People with disabilities are in numerous cultural and recreational facilities Saxon Switzerland welcome. The additions are appropriately designed, set up elevators and of course appropriate parking created. So small and water games can be, for example, in the Grossedlitz baroque garden marvel at. The fortress of Konigstein asks with its medieval charm to the conquest. For handicapped, there is an own flyer, who will make the tour the comfortable experience course. And should be but once slightly impeded access as at rathen rock stage, support is offered, E.g. Swarmed by offers, David Rogier is currently assessing future choices.

with a disabled vehicle. This literally driven viewers with handicap to their places on the stage. And what would a visit of the Saxon Switzerland without once to be either sailed with the Saxon steam shipping or a private provider, the Walter Santos boat charters on the river Elbe. Should the own hand bike or turtleneck once the screws wobble, it is to easy, on-site at a competent distribution and mobility equipment repair station contact. But all activism during the day needs a cosy ambience, a good bed and good food in the evening. In many hotels, pensions and restaurants, Rolli rider can drive carefree all the way. Doors are adapted, lifts fitted to the equipment of bathrooms and WC tailored.

Also those travelling by public transport is in many places accessible. This includes access to train stations and tracks. Entry AIDS can be requested on the S-Bahn line Dresden-Schona until 30 minutes before the train’s departure. Partially handicapped accessible buses. There is wheelchair suitable for ferry services. Too high or too low water levels of the Elbe could be only hurdle, which however mbH can be obtained at the Oberelbischen Verkehrsgesellschaft Pirna-Sebnitz. Bad Schandau stands out as the place with the most barrier-free offerings in the region. The NationalparkZentrum, one of the most modern nature conservation information centre of in Germany, and there is disabled at home in every respect. Only 10-15 minute walk driving an electric free-standing elevator guests 50 metres in height, where you enjoy a wonderful view over the Valley of the Elbe. Also a pen for Lynx borders directly on the top of the elevator exit. To be on the subject of accessibility, always up to date, the Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e.V. destinations in Germany engaged in the AG of barrier-free ‘. ” For people with limited mobility are an important target group. They are considered so far still insufficiently in tourist product range. The Association wants to change that. His current brochure Saxon Switzerland accessible experience “offers therefore a detailed overview of the barrier-free travel, accommodation, active offers and all without borders the National Park for people with disabilities has to offer. Interested parties can order or ask for all important information directly through the local tourism association.