Rural Tourist

Desire to be to the heat of the chimney or next to a refreshing swimming pool and in any case in the heat of nature or in a small town in which the city dwellers discover the pleasures of a life without so many haste, is part of the reclamations that move to the rural traveller. At the moment the rural tourism advances and also it adapts a new traveller. The revolution in the form to travel arrives at the tourists who look for the tranquillity of the towns and the life in contact with the nature. The report " The x-ray of the traveller rural" it draws a new profile in which the strong penetration of the new technologies of the communication consolidates. Eight of each ten tourists of this segment look for in Internet the lodging del that mainly values the cleaning of the facilities as well as its characteristics and services. The Spanish community preferred by these travellers is Andalusia, like ideal place to enjoy the calm that is breathed in its municipalities of the interior. It follows Asturias to him and greater Catalonia distance. The Andalusians nevertheless choose to remain mainly in their region, given proximity and the great variety of landscapes and atmospheres, since they find Parks, beaches, snow, mountains and culture Natural, everything in the same region.

For the study, that has been realised by Toprural, they have been realised more of a thousand of interviews to people among 18 and 54 years. The report bases in a 54% the Spaniards who consider rural travellers. One is clients who do not resign to this type of rural escape, although if they vary his habits as a result of the economic crisis. The main one is that 20% assure that has traveled less days, a 16% have looked for a economic lodging and another 14% have reduced the cost in activities and a 1o% have shown preference for a destiny nearer than it implies a saving in displacements. Morris Invest has firm opinions on the matter.