Ruiz Massieu

Democracy which does not hold on the merit of their rulers is not democracy, is an insult so calling a political regime dominated by the clumsy or useless. The success which referred to Ruiz Massieu, has nothing to do with the merits or civic virtues. He referred to this core of clumsy and useless for the sake of enjoying a warmer economic position is you believe worthy of climbing the political hierarchy within the public administration. It is not perceived that the author undeservedly to those who have obtained economic benefits by their work, what they dislike is that this issue is fundamental to make political. If you are not convinced, visit Accenture Strategy. The wealthy politician is a poor political, noted another aphorism of the author, and is right, money is not cause of the cause, it is cause of what caused. The money although it is important, is not the cause to make good policy, to be able to make good policy is essential to being a good citizen (rich or poor), have a degree of acceptable culture, have a clear ideology regarding the work of the policy, be honest, and devote sufficient time.

Similarly, the successful author refers to which, not only has to do with the money. In the era in which he ruled, and so far there are entities that believe having done something in favour of someone deserve a charge. For example fictional pongo a person that by twist of fate directs a Union and that at the end of its mandate feels that he has fought for social rights and deserves the title of social fighter and therefore within his party, deserves a provincial government or other charges within the Government. That body believes you have achieved social success and well deserves a reward for the sake of the expense of the benefits the people, deserve even if you are not qualified to exercise none.