Roman Army

Fighting Barbarous peoples who had invaded provinces Romans in Glia, a division of the Roman Army finished falling in an ambush. Fighting in lesser number against fierce warriors, general Catulo and its soldiers already felt when a division of the Golden Legion lost, commanded for general Graco Vinicius arrived at the battlefield. Losing bigger number of combatants, the enemy if exhausted and ran away. r knowledge. After the bloody fight, the Romans had raised encampment to deal with the wounded, to bury deceased and to remake its energies.

Catulo and two of its officers had looked Graco in its tent to be thankful to it and to compliment it for the victory. – Without your aid certainly we would be died. Catulo with humildade said. – Its Was imprudence to attack the enemy with so few soldiers. Graco with vehemence answered. The centurio Pompeu looked at for Catulo waiting that the general if offended by the censorship of Graco, but Catulo accepted the rebuke. Continuing in a calm attitude, it said: – I was its search. Diocleciano and Maxmiano they had renounced and they nominated Constancio Cloro and Galrio as sovereign, but we want that you are our new emperor.

You have the support of the legions of the north. We will march for Rome to announce its nomination Graco looked at for Catulo and remained been silent. – What it was? It seems me that you do not approve our choice! Graco was until the entrance of the tent and looked at for the land below covered by the tents of its soldiers. It was turned, saying: – I am surpreso. It did not wait that to choose they were me. Catulo smiled. – You are honest, just and they esteem it to all. Although Constncio Cloro and Galrio have the support of the noblemen, the choice of the legions of the north will prevail.